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The use of AI/ML in all facets of 5G advanced and future 6G wireless networks is a key consideration for NVIDIA. There remains a significant amount of research yet to come In order to bring AI/ML enabled networks to reality. Since good datasets are important for AI research, the objectives of RFDataFactory strongly align with NVIDIA's research interests in applying AI/ML in all aspects of 5G and beyond wireless networks. Building on prior collaborations on AI/ML in wireless, NVIDIA is excited to contribute and partner with Northeastern University on the RFDataFactory project.

National Instruments™

One key research area for 6G wireless communications is the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) that offers a way to deal with the increasing complexity when optimizing communication systems. NI and Northeastern University are jointly working together on solving key challenges when applying AI/ML capabilities to the RF / wireless domain. One important difference to traditional signal processing and parameter estimation methods is that AI/ML networks have to be trained to serve a specific purpose and for those trainings big data sets are needed where we tell the algorithm what we believe is the correct outcome. Ultimately, the quality of an AI algorithm is highly correlated to the quality of the data sets used to train it. Therefore, NI and Northeastern University specifically want to create tools that will automate the generation and management of new community datasets for AI/ML wireless communication research which will play a significant part in 6G development.