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SigMF Creator

Nasim Soltani
A step by step guide to create custom SigMF to store and share RF signals, along with a walk through example.


SCOPE is a development environment for softwarized and virtualized NextG cellular networks based on srsRAN.

Generating Metadata with HDF5

Jerry Gu, Batool Salehi, Debashri Roy
This is a tutorial on metadata, HDF5, and generating metadata with HDF5. It also showcases how HDF5 metadata is generated in the RF Data Factory repository, using an example from the FLASH dataset.

Channel Estimation

Mauro Belgiovine
In this tutorial, I am going to explain how to generate a dataset for massive MIMO channel estimation and how to train a neural network to perform this task, in order to overcome the limitations of traditional signal processing based techniques.